The 3 Most SATISFYING Puzzles Ever!! 🤤

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  • Ok
    Ok24 minuter sedan

    These are the three most satisfying blah blah blah. Another bs youtube shorts. After first one: even a child won't find it amusing. Seeing the second one: gotta buy this. Seeing the second one: What great little gift I can possibly give to my gf?

  • ControlFreak 575
    ControlFreak 575Timme sedan

    Where did you buy them

  • Harish Kallianpur
    Harish KallianpurTimme sedan

    What are these called?? I want to buy them..

  • Victoria Barlow
    Victoria Barlow2 timmar sedan

    I want them!!!

  • Meepoo Meepoo
    Meepoo Meepoo2 timmar sedan

    "Heres the first one," Me: .... My mind: Mm~ Mmmm~ MMMM~

  • Ben Silva
    Ben Silva2 timmar sedan

    ...and here I was thinking "arrowheads" 😵

  • A channel trying to get on peoples recommended
    A channel trying to get on peoples recommended2 timmar sedan

    High-tech buttplugs

  • gaming tv
    gaming tv3 timmar sedan

    Name of these

  • Poopoo Head
    Poopoo Head3 timmar sedan

    I lost 10 brain cells while watching this

  • より16
    より163 timmar sedan


  • Sunset City
    Sunset City4 timmar sedan


  • Wisso Yousef
    Wisso Yousef4 timmar sedan

    Pog face me exactly 😯🤯

  • John Doe
    John Doe4 timmar sedan


  • dxjxc91
    dxjxc915 timmar sedan

    Anyone else relieved when he said "puzzle"?

  • Gideon Awudzi
    Gideon Awudzi6 timmar sedan

    Where do I get some to buy

  • Silje Kollstrøm
    Silje Kollstrøm6 timmar sedan

    That's just so satisfying

  • Cαρταιη ηαδεεm Ѕраrrош
    Cαρταιη ηαδεεm Ѕраrrош6 timmar sedan

    Few Brain cells *left the chat* !!

  • Ballistic Sketchy
    Ballistic Sketchy6 timmar sedan

    𝙼𝚊𝚍𝚎 𝚒𝚗 𝚏𝚞𝚌𝚔𝚒𝚗 𝚌𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚊

  • • unknown •
    • unknown •6 timmar sedan

    the last one might be the easiest one and the perfect one for people who dont have patience

  • i hate cucumbers
    i hate cucumbers7 timmar sedan

    I’m more impressed by the engineering process that goes into making these puzzles

  • embelished_meister
    embelished_meister7 timmar sedan

    Those aren’t puzzles, those are magical charms.

  • Coolio
    Coolio7 timmar sedan

    Where do I find the heart one?

  • katski_bakugo~°
    katski_bakugo~°7 timmar sedan

    Were in the world can I get this stuff?!.!?

  • Insignus Gaming
    Insignus Gaming8 timmar sedan

    the first one is a metal buttplug

  • psilocybic acid
    psilocybic acid8 timmar sedan

    Those are defenitly butt plugs for robots 🤖

  • Jiscard Chamoun
    Jiscard Chamoun8 timmar sedan

    How much does the heart shaped puzzle cost's

  • Hallie Hernandez
    Hallie Hernandez9 timmar sedan

    the game pieces sorry

  • Hallie Hernandez
    Hallie Hernandez9 timmar sedan

    Beautiful work on the first person I like that you’re beautiful

  • Kunaiz Random post
    Kunaiz Random post9 timmar sedan

    he said SIMPLY line them up...

  • The king slayer
    The king slayer9 timmar sedan

    #2 i caant prosses thiis puzzle

  • Izuku Midorya
    Izuku Midorya9 timmar sedan

    Me: *about to go to sleep* Me: *doesn't want to get up and turn off the light* Me: *i have 2 choices.*

  • Charlotte Johnson
    Charlotte Johnson9 timmar sedan

    Does anyone know what these puzzles are called ?

  • BlizzardIceXYZ
    BlizzardIceXYZ9 timmar sedan

    What's the name of the first one?

  • Supadupaya
    Supadupaya9 timmar sedan

    What about a rubix cube? I think it’s satisfying. Comment if you can solve one too!

  • Windelyn Maja
    Windelyn Maja9 timmar sedan

    Where do u buy them

  • Xxikram plays •
    Xxikram plays •10 timmar sedan

    Whos brain hurt when watching this

  • Connor McLeod
    Connor McLeod10 timmar sedan

    I want to buy the heart. Where can I get one?

  • Bradon B
    Bradon B10 timmar sedan

    Where can o get the heart puzzle I want it so bad

  • Neon Playz
    Neon Playz10 timmar sedan

    My brain hurts by just looking at it

  • Kiran Singh
    Kiran Singh10 timmar sedan

    Can I buy it

  • Isaiah Smith
    Isaiah Smith11 timmar sedan

    My brain just died on the first one

  • Merna Agan
    Merna Agan11 timmar sedan

    Ca I buy it what is it called is it available in shopee??

  • Démå_ßåń
    Démå_ßåń11 timmar sedan


  • The real Jester
    The real Jester12 timmar sedan

    Is it bad that as soon as I saw it I thought it was a buttplug

  • Max TELADO
    Max TELADO12 timmar sedan

    Where can buy those

  • Elcap Gguod
    Elcap Gguod12 timmar sedan

    Forbidden but plug

  • Jarret Merrill
    Jarret Merrill13 timmar sedan

    I thought that was a plug of some sort

  • Steve S
    Steve S13 timmar sedan

    *throws out the same 3 puzzles I just waited 3 weeks for* "Thanks a lot you dick!"

  • Fluffy -AK
    Fluffy -AK13 timmar sedan

    I have the first two

  • ♫♥ꝀԠլꜾ♫♥
    ♫♥ꝀԠլꜾ♫♥14 timmar sedan

    What's less satisfying is watching you experience it for yourself and being left to wonder in the shadow of amazement.

  • AnimeXD
    AnimeXD14 timmar sedan

    Wowwowowowowoowwow SATISFACTION

  • onetwocue
    onetwocue15 timmar sedan comes pinhead

  • Shinda
    Shinda15 timmar sedan

    ...i thought those were another type of toys 😳

  • Lifeline
    Lifeline15 timmar sedan

    I want the first one

  • 82 Number
    82 Number17 timmar sedan

    How much?? I need them!

    BENSTRIKE 91117 timmar sedan

    You! Are! The! Most! Satisfying! Puzze solver! In the world.

  • -ᴊᴜɴᴋᴏ ᴇɴᴏsʜɪᴍᴀ
    -ᴊᴜɴᴋᴏ ᴇɴᴏsʜɪᴍᴀ18 timmar sedan

    It's ok. I love puzzles.

  • 214thatone Guy
    214thatone Guy18 timmar sedan

    I thought the first two where something else

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson18 timmar sedan

    Simply? Good one

  • Mac Uysal
    Mac Uysal18 timmar sedan

    R u sure that they are puzzle

  • Spinoblood21
    Spinoblood2119 timmar sedan

    The heart one is similar to the diamond. Cool, but want thoroughly impressed, but thank you. Time to do some CAD designs

  • Kenneth Akin
    Kenneth Akin19 timmar sedan


  • Kelly Fondren
    Kelly Fondren19 timmar sedan

    Those trick my 🧠

  • duwang
    duwang19 timmar sedan

    For a second i thought it was a god damn buttplug

  • Redpill Specs
    Redpill Specs19 timmar sedan

    Bro i though these were but… Yeah puzzle pieces

  • Ben Oravec
    Ben Oravec19 timmar sedan

    Thought the first one was a butt plug

  • Jawad Jehad
    Jawad Jehad19 timmar sedan

    Ligit goosbumbs

  • Rexxy Black
    Rexxy Black20 timmar sedan

    First one is the best

  • Nikto - Darkside_YT
    Nikto - Darkside_YT20 timmar sedan


  • is Bryan flying or dying
    is Bryan flying or dying20 timmar sedan

    Nah the most satisfying puzzles where the wooden ones that has like 12 pieces when you where 4 or 5

  • The Three Amigos
    The Three Amigos21 timme sedan

    Chris: just a simple turn Me: what the hell 🧐🤨

  • Harry Potter fan
    Harry Potter fan21 timme sedan

    The second one was the one my brother got for Christmas. I took the pieces apart. I did not realise I'm an idiot

  • sad lil brat
    sad lil brat21 timme sedan

    the first one looks like a mfin buttplug

    MANOLE ALEXANDRU-MIHAI22 timmar sedan

    Why do the pyramids look luke buttplugs

  • Nitish Haldankar
    Nitish Haldankar22 timmar sedan

    Where to buy them

  • {LazyGal}
    {LazyGal}22 timmar sedan

    My brain hurts… Everyday. This is no difference-

  • The wolf gang
    The wolf gang23 timmar sedan

    I have the 2ed one

  • HitEm_Lee /
    HitEm_Lee /23 timmar sedan

    Now these are some puzzles that can get behind m- I mean I can get behind

  • Meí Calin
    Meí Calin23 timmar sedan

    Bruh I would probrably break these no doubt 🙃😭

  • Ali Yousef
    Ali Yousef23 timmar sedan

    Tow I will like the vedyo

  • Catletts
    CatlettsDag sedan

    At first I thought the first puzzles were buttplugs.

  • R2D2 fromstartrack
    R2D2 fromstartrackDag sedan

    Not really puzzles tho

  • Dxrk
    DxrkDag sedan

    Wait why does my mom have these in her bedroom?

  • 鬼 乃ム尺レ乇ム刀u
    鬼 乃ム尺レ乇ム刀uDag sedan

    Link where i can buy? Or a name atleast

  • Dark Lord Of The Universe
    Dark Lord Of The UniverseDag sedan

    Where can I get these

  • Republic of Armenesia
    Republic of ArmenesiaDag sedan


    RAYAN SAWLYDag sedan

    I WANT THEM 👽🤯

  • gio choladze
    gio choladzeDag sedan

    Why u hurt brain where brain its gone

  • Kai Fong
    Kai FongDag sedan

    What are these called?

  • Kai Fong
    Kai FongDag sedan


  • Lily Adel
    Lily AdelDag sedan

    Nabar1 and3

  • Cpt Dabbn
    Cpt DabbnDag sedan

    He said simply line it up 😆

  • Memer9456
    Memer9456Dag sedan


  • Gacha_Cake
    Gacha_CakeDag sedan

    I need these- these look so cool!

  • Darzay III
    Darzay IIIDag sedan

    Hanayama puzzles are the best

  • Franko
    FrankoDag sedan

    Cool video, sadly you spoiled the puzzles for anyone who wanted to try and saw this

  • Irving Chies
    Irving ChiesDag sedan

    Everyone: buttplugs Me: that's too pointy to be a buttplug, I wonder what that is

  • aight_im_head_out_and_cry okay
    aight_im_head_out_and_cry okayDag sedan

    Okay but where do I get them🧍‍♀️🧍‍♀️

  • Isabella Lloyd
    Isabella LloydDag sedan

    Which ones your favorite mines the first one

  • Ale Lee
    Ale LeeDag sedan

    *transformers transformations be like*