The IMPOSSIBLE Chocolate Illusion!!😦

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  • iKsY
    iKsY11 minuter sedan


  • Mecanoalv_drak
    Mecanoalv_drak27 minuter sedan

    We live in a simulation

  • Hoops 4days
    Hoops 4days34 minuter sedan

    It’s slightly shorter

  • Mr Byrd
    Mr Byrd37 minuter sedan

    Now can you create Jack Daniels with water

  • Chris hill
    Chris hill42 minuter sedan

    The box has a double fold at the top allowing the bigger bar to sit on top of the assembly tray

  • Zaniah Romero
    Zaniah Romero46 minuter sedan

    I saw somebody do it with just regular chocolate but that is cool I still do not understand

  • SleepyDuck 3434
    SleepyDuck 3434Timme sedan

    I would just eat it straight away and not play with it lol my brains to small for that

  • BB- Roblox
    BB- RobloxTimme sedan

    He sounds like dream. We should post a meme saying it’s dream

  • Amandis대
    Amandis대Timme sedan

    The chocolate bar before: |||||||||| The chocolate bar after: | |||||| | +|| (bonus chocolate) The guy:sEe I crEaTed cHoCOLaTe fRom NotHinG

  • Bruhn't
    Bruhn'tTimme sedan

    It becomes shorter tho?

  • nameless_aoiTTV
    nameless_aoiTTVTimme sedan

    When your mum tells you to stop playing with your food Me: BUT MUUUM! it spells chocolate

  • adhamsal
    adhamsalTimme sedan

    The mass of the chocolate is less noe

  • Rebecca Ewen-Rome
    Rebecca Ewen-RomeTimme sedan

    I'm still trying to work this out....I was making lunch the other day and it popped into my head so I start trying to think how it worked out

  • idiotratz
    idiotratz2 timmar sedan

    As you see you have 2 sides where u can see little spot missing well thats where the chocolate fits

  • Callum Dolten74
    Callum Dolten742 timmar sedan

    You don't create chocolate

  • Drumkommandr
    Drumkommandr2 timmar sedan

    Answer: the total bar in the package is larger by exactly the area of the missing bit.

  • Marc Shelton
    Marc Shelton2 timmar sedan


  • Florin
    Florin3 timmar sedan

    Fake. take a good look at the beginning. the chocolate bar in the box is larger than its box

  • GSwagger
    GSwagger3 timmar sedan

    dude thats epic but no one asked

  • just a normal 16 year old kid
    just a normal 16 year old kid3 timmar sedan


  • Sk Sorif
    Sk Sorif3 timmar sedan

    It looks like you just bend the box inner a little so it just fit in there

  • PT2
    PT23 timmar sedan

    Now What is this TikTok crap

  • Smiley•Face
    Smiley•Face4 timmar sedan

    I was watching and now I want a chocolate bar so I'm getting one out of my kitchen :)

  • Anirudh Raman
    Anirudh Raman4 timmar sedan

    It just makes the bar smaller lmao

  • Whitmore03
    Whitmore034 timmar sedan

    He flipped the chocolate so you can’t see the word chocolate

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo4 timmar sedan

    Vsauce: I am four parallel universes ahead of you

  • Clash man
    Clash man5 timmar sedan

    Btw guys u know the chocolate bar trick were there is extra but it isn't cause u shrunk the bar so that It will let out chocolate until ita small

  • nani
    nani5 timmar sedan


  • Muslim Majesty
    Muslim Majesty5 timmar sedan

    Wait, what

  • I know how much I do not know yet. Jakub Wendrowycz
    I know how much I do not know yet. Jakub Wendrowycz5 timmar sedan

    then you have the first confirmed proof of creating out of nothing. Scientist ;:-)))

  • I know how much I do not know yet. Jakub Wendrowycz

    I know how much I do not know yet. Jakub Wendrowycz

    4 timmar sedan

    @yasio bolo ::-)))

  • yasio bolo

    yasio bolo

    4 timmar sedan

    Can you still eat it?😂😂

  • Narayanan T.B
    Narayanan T.B5 timmar sedan

    Free chocolate

  • hyperlynX
    hyperlynX6 timmar sedan

    Mass is reduce in the corners

  • Dhruv Singh
    Dhruv Singh6 timmar sedan

    Geometry baby

  • Meftanul Hoque
    Meftanul Hoque6 timmar sedan

    "Hey Vsauce, Michael here!"😬

  • FluffySpartan
    FluffySpartan6 timmar sedan

    Thats older than my grandma

  • xxnoobyxx plays
    xxnoobyxx plays6 timmar sedan

    The likes lmao 666

  • Harish
    Harish6 timmar sedan

    That's simple words

  • Arindam Dutta
    Arindam Dutta6 timmar sedan

    Its because the area where the chocolate was kept was different in size its not an illusion 😏

  • The wierd one
    The wierd one7 timmar sedan

    666 likes lol and matter can not be destroyed or created so false

  • Ima Noob
    Ima Noob7 timmar sedan

    666k likes its the work of the devil

  • gamerbeastforver
    gamerbeastforver7 timmar sedan

    Bro you sound like dream

  • Chew Stephen
    Chew Stephen7 timmar sedan


  • rose-devil.
    rose-devil.7 timmar sedan

    Jesus: dad did you forget to reload the earth again? God: Me damn it-

  • gabriel tudosa
    gabriel tudosa7 timmar sedan

    Can you still eat it?😂😂

  • Jasmin Marcaida
    Jasmin Marcaida8 timmar sedan

    I think it shrunk😃

  • Alex
    Alex8 timmar sedan

    Stop it. Get some help.

  • Izuku Midoria
    Izuku Midoria8 timmar sedan


  • Cortlen Brunner
    Cortlen Brunner9 timmar sedan

    Well actually no you just mad the chocolate bar shorter but whatever

  • Masters Gaming channel!!!
    Masters Gaming channel!!!9 timmar sedan

    Don’t tell me no because this guy sound like dream form dream smp he does do

  • Mr. Clown
    Mr. Clown9 timmar sedan

    my brain hurts

  • AlexDorew
    AlexDorew9 timmar sedan

    A hahaha that's what I call *MAGIC*

  • Teddy Gatica
    Teddy Gatica9 timmar sedan


  • Magus Perdé
    Magus Perdé9 timmar sedan

    We all went over this already...

  • Jake Facunla
    Jake Facunla9 timmar sedan

    Your voice is just like dream 😅

  • Living In Utah
    Living In Utah9 timmar sedan

    If you look carefully, the piece after is slightly smaller, film theory covered this.

  • Fnaf gaming Channel
    Fnaf gaming Channel10 timmar sedan

    You put it in wrong

  • Proffessor0
    Proffessor010 timmar sedan

    My guy just lost .1 chocolate around the bar

  • elvin bautista
    elvin bautista10 timmar sedan

    It was 6 then turned into 5 but some of the videos that have this turned to 22 to 24

  • Humaira Qothrunnada
    Humaira Qothrunnada10 timmar sedan


  • HyperGamer123
    HyperGamer12311 timmar sedan


  • Koala timez ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
    Koala timez ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ11 timmar sedan

    Did Willy Wonka send that to you?!?!😱😱😱

  • Richard Kok
    Richard Kok11 timmar sedan

    The second box is smaller.

  • BiGbOyJiN
    BiGbOyJiN11 timmar sedan

    Other people: omg that’s awesome!! Me: *gasp* BONUS PEACE OF CHOCOLATE-

  • DankestDBZ
    DankestDBZ11 timmar sedan

    this is called the infinite chocolate trick

  • Tina Hickman
    Tina Hickman11 timmar sedan

    I don't understand why this is a trick. It's obvious that you took it right out of the center and it's now shorter than it was. You can tell obviously the chocolate bar was not as long as it was before he took the pieces out. And you can tell by the edges of the box

  • Pannilly
    Pannilly11 timmar sedan


  • A dIsAppOinTMeNt
    A dIsAppOinTMeNt11 timmar sedan

    U kind sir did not,the people who made that chocolate did 😌

  • joe smithson sqitzle
    joe smithson sqitzle12 timmar sedan

    if you weigh the chocolate, it will weigh less so you arent actually getting more chocolate

  • Moo The Cow
    Moo The Cow12 timmar sedan

    I would get this Not because i think this actually creates chocolate, i know how it works, but because i think i would feel like there's more chocolate

  • John Doe
    John Doe12 timmar sedan

    Actually matter cannot be created or destroyed 😁🤌🏾

  • SamX
    SamX12 timmar sedan

    I would explain but I kinda want to be fun at partys

  • Katie Taylor
    Katie Taylor12 timmar sedan

    who is vsauce and why is everyone talking about him?

  • Ankit Chauhan
    Ankit Chauhan12 timmar sedan

    Eat it

  • iCurry
    iCurry13 timmar sedan

    It obviously fits because it’s a different pattern

  • NHRNix | 360
    NHRNix | 36013 timmar sedan


  • Noel Filatov AV
    Noel Filatov AV13 timmar sedan

    I just decided to sell chocolates you created dude.

  • Toni Adams
    Toni Adams13 timmar sedan

    not this trick again

  • Aron Singh
    Aron Singh13 timmar sedan

    U can see the extra bar under the foil next to all the pieces when he opens it

  • ちゅpikabear
    ちゅpikabear14 timmar sedan

    that is not the magical chocolate in the world. in my opinion its a wonka bar (if you’ve watched Charlie and the chocolate factory)

  • Lexie labial
    Lexie labial14 timmar sedan

    Possibly the caseing was bigger or smth

  • Zephyr gaming
    Zephyr gaming14 timmar sedan

    Lvl up: God

  • NICEBomber7453
    NICEBomber745314 timmar sedan

    It got slightly smaller if you didn't notice

  • Kardaor 1
    Kardaor 114 timmar sedan

    Come on you can see it sits on a lip. Why are people like this?

  • binod
    binod14 timmar sedan

    Bro it's nothing , if we observe carefully , this bonus piece is kept in such a way the if we remove it and push the pieces from all sides , they will make a bar and the another box which you took is smaller than that so .

  • Nadia Sivad
    Nadia Sivad14 timmar sedan

    Alchemy at its finest

  • jacob gribbell
    jacob gribbell15 timmar sedan

    All about angles

  • MasterxMeat
    MasterxMeat15 timmar sedan


  • BadGamerGirl 111
    BadGamerGirl 11115 timmar sedan


  • Jackson Woods
    Jackson Woods15 timmar sedan

    Yes it is called the Banach-Tarski Paradox

  • Calebs3145 s
    Calebs3145 s16 timmar sedan


  • Robbie Matthew Dasco
    Robbie Matthew Dasco16 timmar sedan

    Wow a bonus piece

  • Ann Seibert
    Ann Seibert16 timmar sedan

    I love this!

  • Radiical
    Radiical16 timmar sedan


    SUPERPAX916 timmar sedan

    ‼️➡️Swooped the box, it can be seen, look closely the paper cover is bigger than the box, & you can notice there’s a cut in the video💠🤨

  • Max Baxter
    Max Baxter17 timmar sedan

    Um so I was told there is this thing called negative space and geometry…

  • ImUnderaged
    ImUnderaged18 timmar sedan

    Don’t it make the bar slightly smaller

  • Aesthetics with Eleanor
    Aesthetics with Eleanor18 timmar sedan

    I just got deja vu 😳

  • Iz Bizz
    Iz Bizz18 timmar sedan

    Vsauce: *I am four parallel universes ahead of you*